Sorry to see you go!

From waaaay across the waves in South Africa came the news to me of Chad’s unfortunate news. I met him whilst working in the Andre Pires lab as a researcher, and I was duly impressed the first day of training of how bright he was! I continued to work with him for some time and we struck up a collaborative friendship, and later took a strong mutual interest in the game Elder Scrolls Skyrim of which we both sunk many hours of our lives into.
The last few months I worked with him before leaving for South Africa were filled with much excitement, and I fondly remember how proud Chad was of all his little baby lizards and the results of the research he was doing.
My deepest sympathies go out to Chad’s family.
May he wander the great planes of Skyrim as an Arch-Mage fighting dragons for ever more!
Best Regards,
David Van Hoogstraten