Shocked and saddened

I worked with Chad years ago in Irving, and we stayed in touch and hung out from time to time even after we both left the district, until I moved away to Florida. In fact, I spoke with Chad on the phone as recently as August when he was on his way to Florida, in the hopes of synchronizing our schedules so we could meet and catch up while he was down in my part of the world. But, we couldn’t make it work. Next time, we both said. I saw a Facebook post mentioning Chad’s death a couple of days ago, and I’m saddened to realize that there won’t be a “next time.” I will always remember my friend Chad not only as a brilliant Science mind (I’m a Science teacher also, and he was always my go-to guy when I didn’t know or understand something) but as a decent, funny, and considerate individual. My thoughts and prayers to Chad’s colleagues, friends, and family.

Rob McCannell
Fernandina Beach, Florida

Always Thinking of You

I am remiss in sharing because I still cannot believe .. I was just so shocked that night that you told me about your son. Then, I saw you all again, which was wonderful, yet there is always a piece of you ‘not there!’ I admire and know that you ARE doing the right thing by coming to our place where there is support and comfort. My heart is heavy for you, .. I feel, know, and understand the pain simply because I know the albatross of grief! You are such precious friends and adoring, giving parents! I cherish our friendship and the way you have embraced me! I want to share this from Upwords by Max Lucado. “Know that your future with Chad will be greater that your past with him! Blessings! Lots of love, Sarah Jane

Sending love to you…

Dan and Cheryl, I am so sorry for your loss. It is a shame that I didn’t get to know Chad well but I value that your family has been in our lives so long. I didn’t find out until a few days ago about this very unfortunate circumstance. I know there’s not a lot to say to make you feel better. But I’m sending loads of love and hugs from CA. xo


It is difficult to understand and the feelings one must have at the loss of a son or daughter a part of you that will not be their to share your future . Mary and I pray the lord gives you strength to carry one John

Our Neighbor, Chad

Chad lived next door to my family for over 5 years. He was always friendly and willing to spend time talking with me about current events. My college-aged daughter remembers him coming over to talk outside when she had friends over. My son remembers Chad helping him rake our leaves (perhaps a few from his tree), & getting involved with his effort to change a headlight. I was stunned to hear of his death. We will all miss this caring & empathetic young man. We were blessed to meet him.

Friend and colleague

One of the things I loved about Chad was his booming voice. He spoke with authority and passion. Although most of our conversations were prompted by a technical question about data or statistics, we always found ourselves just talking about life as well.

His love for science was most obvious when he encountered challenges. Even during some of his most challenging times, he approached every new day with a smile and a laugh.

One of my favorite conversations with Chad was when we talked about the relationship between science and religion. During this lengthy conversation we spoke of how the two could be reconciled. Although none of us know all the details of what happens when we pass on from this life, something tells me that we’ll all see Chad’s smiling face again.

Chad was one of those unique people who made those around him better than they were before. I’ll miss him terribly and look forward to seeing him in the next life.