Shocked and saddened

I worked with Chad years ago in Irving, and we stayed in touch and hung out from time to time even after we both left the district, until I moved away to Florida. In fact, I spoke with Chad on the phone as recently as August when he was on his way to Florida, in the hopes of synchronizing our schedules so we could meet and catch up while he was down in my part of the world. But, we couldn’t make it work. Next time, we both said. I saw a Facebook post mentioning Chad’s death a couple of days ago, and I’m saddened to realize that there won’t be a “next time.” I will always remember my friend Chad not only as a brilliant Science mind (I’m a Science teacher also, and he was always my go-to guy when I didn’t know or understand something) but as a decent, funny, and considerate individual. My thoughts and prayers to Chad’s colleagues, friends, and family.

Rob McCannell
Fernandina Beach, Florida