Happy moments

Dear Chad,

Your joy for life, curiosity and sharp intellect were very obvious from the very first interactions with you. Working together with you was a privilege and a joy. Although work was important, enjoying life was very important as well. What could be better than combine leisure and work at the same time? Remember our “field trip” to collect lizards in Florida? In our first hours there, being hungry, we went to the shopping mall to grab something to eat. We spotted some lizards on the wall of the mall and this is when are collection started. Arriving in the hotel, we went to the swimming pool to cool down, and in the way there we collected some additional lizards in the shrubs nearby. Then, being in the natural reserve where we actually planned to collect lizards, it took us 4 hours to spot the first lizard. Probably the fact that we were doing our “field trip” looking for lizards from our air-conditioned car did not help us to be faster. Anyway, after having figure out how to find them, the rest was easy. So, we could celebrate our success of our field trip by going to a fancy restaurant and eating one of the best tiramisus of our lives. Your great sense of humor, happiness and positive attitude towards life will be hugely missed.