Cousin Chad

Chad…my cousin…my friend…can’t believe u are gone…I am so sad…I’m trying to do what u would do if the roles were reversed and u would b strong and u would pull family and friends together and laugh and share memories…u will live on in my heart and we will play cards again someday in heaven !! u are in a happy more struggles to fight down here on earth…u are with ur dad and as much as it sucks to miss u never hear ur voice again ….I have to know and trust that u are good… I’m going to find pics of us tomorrow and post them on here …I know I have some funny ones somewhere…funniest night ever was at gramma Watkins house after the bar closed..we were playing some sort of card game and using pennies and it turned into the funniest penny fight ever!! (Had to b there) !!! Even gramma was almost falling off her chair laughing so hard!!