Cousin Chad

Chad was fun loving and fearless. One of my most vivid memories was when my family visited Texas and Chad took Liz, my brother Eric, and me to Six Flags amusement park. He insisted that we go on all the biggest roller coasters, much to my dismay. Not wanting to be a complete baby and after his persuasion, I rode them all, and he found it quite amusing when my head was in the trashcan afterwards. When we were riding a roller coaster called The Titan, they snap your picture just as you are going off a huge drop. We ended up buying the picture because it was so funny. Liz and my brother looked panicked, I was crying, and Chad looked like he was having the time of his life, with his hands in the air, and a huge smile on his face. Chad loved to tease, and referred to me as baby Lauren the rest of the day!
One thing I admired most about Chad was his strong commitment to family. Chad stayed with our Grandma in Sioux Falls, when she couldn’t be left alone, when our Grandpa was in the hospital. When we needed someone to watch our new puppy when we went on vacation, Chad came to Minnesota and hung out with him. He consistently made time to spend with family, and he was there if anyone needed him. It was so evident that Chad cared immensely for his family.
I will deeply miss our pheasant hunts in South Dakota, our fishing trips to Canada, and playing cards and visiting at Grandpa and Grandma’s house. I will miss your playful teasing, your sense of humor, and your infamous “knuckle massages and snakebites,” even though they hurt like hell! Most of all I will miss your kindness and your love for fun. You left a lasting impression on our family, Chad, and we will miss you greatly.