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UTA Student

Chad was first my Bio 1442 lab teacher, then a fellow teacher when I was a TA in the Bio department, and was my Genetics tutor. He always had such an enigmatic personality and was so interested in science and teaching. He will be greatly missed.

My deepest thoughts and prayers are with Chad’s family and his friends.

Sorry to see you go!

From waaaay across the waves in South Africa came the news to me of Chad’s unfortunate news. I met him whilst working in the Andre Pires lab as a researcher, and I was duly impressed the first day of training of how bright he was! I continued to work with him for some time and we struck up a collaborative friendship, and later took a strong mutual interest in the game Elder Scrolls Skyrim of which we both sunk many hours of our lives into.
The last few months I worked with him before leaving for South Africa were filled with much excitement, and I fondly remember how proud Chad was of all his little baby lizards and the results of the research he was doing.
My deepest sympathies go out to Chad’s family.
May he wander the great planes of Skyrim as an Arch-Mage fighting dragons for ever more!
Best Regards,
David Van Hoogstraten


To my Cousin Chad,
Thank you for your stories, and the times that we shared. I’m reading about your research in genetics, and its interesting to know that we both worked on similar topics, developmental regulation and adult morphology. Thank you for finding a passion in natural science

You will be missed…

Chad, I’m going to miss our awesome inappropriate conversations about science, life, religion and of course Breaking Bad! You always had a way of making me smile even if I was super angry or sad. We butted heads over many things but we would end up laughing and forgetting about what we were arguing about. I’m going to miss the passion you had for teaching, mentoring, and science. I will miss our Monday morning coffee conversations on the third floor. Now that I’m writing this I realize that there are going to be a ton of things I’m going to miss about you but most of all I’m going to miss you!

Prayers of Hope

Danny and Cheryl,
I am so glad that we had the chance to reconnect a bit this spring. It helps me to feel closer to you at this time of unbearable loss. If only I had words to help relieve your sorrow, or knew some other way to help comfort you and Liz. All I can offer is the love and strength of a families bond and prayers of hope for the days to come. I wish I could be there with you during these hard days other than in spirit. Love, Susan